★ Maxim Sychev

Hello! I'm Max

Experienced CGI Artist
I like to do Post-Production
of Music Video and Advertising

Hello! I'm Max

Experienced CGI Artist
I like to do Post-Production
of Music Video and Advertising

I'm Max
Experienced CGI Artist

Computer Graphics Specialist

Move the cursor after loading

Quickly solving tasks:
★ Cleanup's
★ Wires removing
★ Beauty face, skin
★ Inserting displays into mobile devices
★ Rotoscoping
★ Compositing

★ I work remotely
★ Projects with more than 100 million views.
★ Russia, USA, Australia, Great Britain
★ Licensed activity
★ Licensed software
★ Apple Pro Res 4444 (best qulity)

Architectural visualization

Visualization in real time mode
The best and powerful software
★ Highly polygonal models
★ Exporting a project to a full-fledged program
★ The possibility of an interactive walk
★ Change the texture and color with a single mouse click
★ Sound accompaniment

★ Interaction with doors and switches
★ Export demonstrations to various platforms: Windows, OSX, WEB, IOS, Android
Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR



Download (Win64 549mb)



Download (Win64 256mb)

PanoMax - Panoramic virtual tour

★ 360 degree view
★ Floor plan
★ Transition path markers
★ WebGL technology
★ Without flash plugin
★ Without other plugins

IT Research and Developement

★ Good knowledge more than 8 years.
★ Solutions of non-standard tasks on with design and programming.
★ Writing scripts to optimize the work of the Linux office
★ Web Presentations and Sites

Web Examples:

Administering Linux Server

Confident technical support for the Linux server.
Some features proven in practice:

★ Experience with Linux systems 4 years
★ Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture
★ Open VPN / PPTP: Virtual private network with internet connection
★ Linux Terminal Server Project is terminal server for Linux that allows many people to simultaneously use the same computer.
★ Bitcoin Core is the reference client of bitcoin
★ IPtables is network protection
★ Postfix Dovecot: Mail server, with a filter for spam
★ MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.
★ PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.
★ Jabberd: corporate chat server XMPP
★ Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free and open-source hypervisor for x86 computers
★ Apache: Web Hosting with PHP and MySql support
★ Roundcube: Email Web Client
★ Compiling from the original open source code.
★ DHCP: IP address server
★ Shell backup scripts, system settings

★ and something else ...

Development of mobile applications

world map - Very simple, beautiful and comfortable educational quiz
Guess the names of countries, check the spelling, please the character of the game

The game consists of:
★ «Quiz» - guess the name by choosing one of the answer options
★ «Letters» - guess guessing the answer by letters
★ «Training» - we look at all the answers

In each game three levels: «European Union». «Eurasia» and «The Whole World»

In Game:
★ Beautiful interface
★ An animated character that responds to responses
★ Two variants of games: «Quiz» and «Letters»
★ 28 countries in the «EU» level
★ 89 countries in the «Eurasia» level
★ 186 countries in the «All World»
★ For each level there are 3 tips and 3 lives
★ Lives and tips are replenished
★ «Training» allows you to see all countries
★ The game can be played in 63 languages

Maxim Sychev

Since primary school Maxim has a craving for technology.
In the primary class of the school, Maxim became the owner of a personal computer
and with a head immersed in design, programming and, of course, the same game.
In the first year of college he takes the third place in the city Olympiad in Informatics.
In the student body, Maxim brilliantly copes with the machine code.
However, in his life comes motion design, the first programs of 3d and 2d.
Then he studies at the university as a 'programmer',
and works on television, making design and advertising.
Three years later, Maxim moved to Moscow, plunging into the world of cinema,
works in the team of the director Temur Bekmambetov.
Participates in the creation of many famous films.
A few years later he resigned from the position of cg supervisor,
and begins to work as a freelancer.

In business, Maxim is very hardworking, responsible, ambitious.
Tactful, sociable, often called 'the soul of the team.'
Open to everything new, and strives not only to learn about new technologies,
but also to apply them in practice.

Maxim is able to solve complex problems qualitatively at the intersection of design and programming

★ Responsible ★ Mobile ★ Reliable ★